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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  October 21, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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thank you for joining the conversation, we're here every saturday at 1:00 p.m. eastern, and sunday at 3:00 p.m. have a great weekend. hello. thank you for joining us, i'm martin savidge in for fredericka whitfield. we have just identified the man accused of going on a shooting in a mall in wisconsin. police have released this photo and they're asking people who may have seen him to call the police. now he's accused of shooting at least 7 people at a spa near a busy mall near the city of brook 2350e brookfield. police say the shooting is possibly related to a domestic
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dispute. the victims suffered nonlife-threatening injuries and we're expecting a news skon fence underway near milwaukee soon. joining us now is hln law enforcement analyst mike brooks, mike, we know this is still considered an active investigation, the suspect is still on the loose. >> the last time we spoke, i thought the law enforcement, this is who it was. this is the subject that we thought was involved in this from the beginning. they are still at the scene, they have expanded the perimeter around this salon and spa, they just down the brookfield mall, which is a large mall, they shut that down from the very beginning, did not allow ning to leave. anyone who was coming in, they shut that down. they increased the perimeter just out of an abundance of caution. they don't believe he's still there, they know his tag number, they know where he lives.
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i haven't been able to confirm it, but as a former investigator, if i know where he lives, i'm going to be over there or preparing a search warrant to go and find out what led up to this. we think it was a domestic situation, someone he might have been in an ongoing divorce, may have worked there at the spa, his estranged wife. maybe it was an isolated incident that somebody was there, targeted at that particular business and it looks like it was a domestic situation. >> there's a huge amount of -- >> you've got the fbi and the brookfield county sheriff's office. the brookfield police. they are also checking out what could have been an improvised explosive device. they asked for the city of milwaukee bomb squad to come and check that out.
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they're -- we haven't seen this, you know, it's just -- you don't know what you have until you are able to clear the whole area, so that's what they're doing, but right now it looks like they did transport several people from the hospital. four we're hearing are not life threatening, we don't know the condition of the other three, but it's just the original seven we heard earlier on that were transported to a local hospital. now to a loss of a liberal standard bearer, george mcgovern, the loser of the presidential campaign in 1979. he was best known for his opposition to the vietnam war, he also was a bomber pilot in world war ii and he was decorated for that and he also changed the way we choose approximatal candidates. the family released a statement, in part, we are blessed to know that our father lived a long,
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successful and product instinctive live. he continued giving speeches writing and advising all the way up past his 90th birthday. and this mornin >> he was a great statesman, i knew him very well and i'm very saddened. i think he'll be remembered for his bomber missions in world war 2, and his opposition to the vietnam war. he was a gigantic figure. >> he had served as a bomber pilot in world war ii, he was not a pacifist, and his argument over vietnam was about that particular war. he was a citizen and i remember him being at theist embassy. he talked about he and goldwater. he said one of the nice things
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about losing bad enough is that you don't have an idea of what might have changed and he had a very good sense of humor. >> remembering the life of george mcgovern who passed away today at the age of 90. >> you can believe we are at a pivotal point in the race for the white house. tomorrow the candidates face off for their final debate. mitt romney and president barack obama will meet on the stage, lynne university, the debate is to focus on foreign policy. >> paul, how close is this race? >> it's about as close as you can get, a brand-new poll out today from nbc "wall street journal" indicates 47% of likely voters nationwide are supporting the president, 47% are supporting mitt romney the republican nominee. you can't get any closer than
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that. a lot of these key battleground states including here in florida. we had to pull out here in florida but also it's basically all knotted up. the new nbc/"wall street journal" poll is interesting, there's a new gender gap there. the president has an advantage among women. and romney has a bigger lead among men. so a real gender gap here, but martin, these type holes in the states and nationally, they tell me one thing that there's so much at stake right behind me here when these men face off for the third and time debate. >> mitt romney has been president yet. is there a way that mitt romney can turn the discussion to economics? the real question for this campaign? >> yeah, there sure is, the moderator bob schieffer will be asking the questions. they're all going to be seated
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around a table and that's going to be interesting, very similar to the vice presidential debate two weeks ago in kentucky. but when they answer their questions, they of course can pivot. we have seen both of them pivot before. a couple of the flash points you're going to see is libya, both of these candidates will pick up where they left off in fighting over libya and the attack on benghazi and the killing of our ambassador to libya. we're going to hear more about iran, israel, middle east peace and china. a lot of flash points there, when it comes to international policy. most polls indicate the president does have an advantage over mitt romney, again so much at stake, this is the last debate. no more after this, two weeks to go after this debate until election day.
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new details today on that inglewood, california shooting where a gunman opened fire on a family of six. police now believe the suspect is dead after setting fire to his home. desmond john moses is accused of gunning down his next door neighbor and his family. a father who tried to shield his kids from bullets, dead, so is his 4-year-old son. two other children and the man's wife are in critical condition today. the family reported that this man didn't pay rent for years. in another indication, functional meningitis being reported today. the cdc reporting 285 cases of functional meningitis in 26 states. the fda raided the company in massachusetts that's blamed for causing that outbreak this week. most patients got sick after being given contaminated steroid
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producing natural gas. it's not a dream. america's natural gas... putting us in control of our energy future, now. when president obama and governor mitt romney faces off for a final time on monday night, it will be just them. last time it was a town hall format with the audience answering questions, that was moderated by our own candy crowley. i asked her today what we can
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expect tomorrow. candy, we know they're supposed to talk about foreign policy. president obama can say he got osama bin laden and he ended the war and brought the troops home. >> they sort of see this as a question of leadership and so you will hear a lot about i have got stuff that can lead this country, i think you'll probably hear the phrase leading from behind, which became very famous after it was printed someplace that the u.s. role in libya, in that nato effort was to lead er from behind, i these you'll see that, i think you will hear some muscular talk from the governor, but i don't think you'll hear any kind of over the top talk here, i think this is a time that both of them want to say,
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i've got a steady hand on tiller, i can -- i will be calm in whatever decisions i make. >> we know it's a foreign policy debate, but the foreign policy is still a number one issue throughout the entire campaign. the president might want to bring up issues regarding women and -- >> and the next thing you know you got a domestic debate. >> how does he bring up the issue of abortion because we know that these are issues that are key to women that are going to vote. >> i don't think you're going to see something so blatant as we saw in the last debate, i think first of all because of the way this is arranged, and it's these two men seated, fairly next to each other, with just one moderator, i think you'll see a tense debate, but i don't think you'll see quite as confrontational debate and i don't think you'll see a debate
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that kind of wanders off course. >> i know that you had a guest on this morning talking about these women's issues, let's listen. >> the poll that shows them essentially, i think is probably -- everything we know about the structure of how people vote in this country, president obama should and probably will win the vote of women. the question is by how much. >> and this brings it up. it is so crucial that there has to be some way i would expect the president works this in, even though it's foreign policy. >> sure, but i don't think you will hear kind of the issues that you're used to hearing when they talk about women, pay equity, abortion, right to reproductive services, contraception, this will be more of something that does interest women as well as men i would say. i think you will hear both of them try to make the case that they can keep america safe. there's nothing really closer to home and hearth than feeling
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that your family is safe, that you are safe. so i think it will be more about i'm a strong leader, i will be protecting america, will it be aimed at women voters? of course, i just don't think it will be so blatant as -- while we're talking about syria, let's falk about reproductive rights. >> and remember, you can watch monday's final presidential debate live right here on cnn, our coverage will start at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. the first native american was cannonized by the catholic church today, we'll talk to someone who was inside the ceremony at the vatican. i don't spend money on gasoline. i am probably going to the gas station about once a month. last time i was at a gas station
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pope benedict xvi cannonized three priests today. we have a mohawk from new york and she is the first native american to be designated a saint. the vatican says prayers were responsible for curing a 6-year-old native american from
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washington state. john langler talked to the boy's family as they prepared to head to rome. >> else a needs more suitcases, she needs more time. >> i'm having to do all this last-minute shopping. >> she does not need a miracle. >> so i got six things done, that was good. >> her greatest miracle has already happened. >> yeah. it was dire. >> it was 2006, her son jake was 5, one day he felt down playing basketball. sixness found it's way into his face. >> he was air lifted to children's hospital and he was fighting for his life at that point. >> reporter: jake was fighting a flesh eating bacteria and losing. >> then their pastor suggested prayer to -- her scarred and
4:21 pm
disfigured face was made beautiful by god. >> that miracle is why kateri will become cannonized in rome. >> she is truly a gift from god and i would not be here today if it were not for her intercession. >> elsa has just one more errand to run, picking up her son, jake is now 12. >> jakie! >> reporter: he's shy, not too keen on interviews, but he realizes what's about to happen is a big deal. >> i'm very excited to go, it will be a trip of a lifetime. >> reporter: for the family it will be about time to honor someone in death who brought a young boy back to live. >> it's a pretty remarkable story. one of those who has worked hard to promote lathia -- a former
4:22 pm
mohawk chief who took part in today's cannonization ceremonies. i asked her to tell us about how the ceremony was. >> i saw a lot of tears today. people were so happy. you know, to the extent that we're witnessing this. children were here and very, very old people also came. from across the country came here to witness this. it's not like you don't believe it. we want to be sure that she'll be safe forever. we have waited over 300 years. >> you v. >> let me ask, is there in any way in your mind a conflict between native american
4:23 pm
spiritualism and the catholic faith? >> well, the tradition, the tradition in our culture, like our creator, our creator is your god. as catholics, he's our god as well. and in her time, she had a tradition where she knew her creator very well and all the rules that go with it. loving and respecting the elders. loving like the earth as in environment, she had all these things in appreciation of all of god's creation. when she became catholic, the creator, god, became jesus, that she loved until she died. and she laid a wonderful example for us to be able to live in both cultures. >> the ceremony today, the
4:24 pm
religious part but you also used native american forms of celebration. tell me a little bit about that. >> we sang and prayed in mohawk. we still speak the same language, say the same prayers that kateri prayed when she was a young woman. >> it would have been a remarkable scene. and as we have mentioned earlier, mary ann cope was also cannonized today. today's cannonizations -- may 1, 2011 and that was a step in the process. two miracles will have to be investigated before pope john
4:25 pm
paul ii can be cannonized. you could say politics is a lot like real estate, location, location, location. next we'll have a closer look at where tomorrow night's debate is happening and why it is such an important place. [ ross ] the streets of monaco, home of the legendary grand prix circuit. the perfect place to bring the all-new cadillac ats to test the 2.0-liter turbo engine. [ engine revs ] ♪ [ derek ] 272 horsepower. the lightest in its class.
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welcome back to cnn newsroom. here's a check of the day's top stories. police in wisconsin have identified a suspect in the shooting today in brookfield, wisconsin. we see the suspect's home, these are the images that we're getting from one of our affiliates as police continue to look for this man, they don't have in custody, they say that he opened fire inside a spa injuring several people. he is still on the loose and police are investigating that as a possible domestic dispute. the chief of police is going to hold a news conference and we'll continue to monitor and bring it to you when it happens. america has lost a liberal standard bearer, george mcgovern, the one-time
4:29 pm
presidential candidate, a preterm senator was a world war ii veteran, a protester of the vietnam war. a critic of the syrian regime. we're going to hear from al assaad who was killed in a car bombing. the lebanese blame the libyan government. foreign policy will be the main focus of tomorrow night's third and final presidential debate. it will take place in a hotly contested state, that is florida where the 29 electoral votes are a must-win for romney, which is no doubt mobt both campaigns.
4:30 pm
david, it's pretty interesting that the last debate is in florida, it's a state that both have won but mitt romney really needs it. why is it so important to win that state to get to the 270 electoral votes? >> the guaranteed states that obama get west side big electoral counts, versus the guaranteed states of mitt romney, are larger, the president has new york in his column, he's got in his column guaranteed. mitt romney has texas, mitt romney has georgia and not much else in terms of big electoral votes which is why florida is so important for the republican candidate, always at least going back to 2000 when we first started to see it as a red
4:31 pm
state-blue state kind of divide. >> let's take a look at another state, and that's nevada, obama is leading, is this the latino vote factor that we have heard so much about? >> the president's going to win latinos outside of florida by a pretty healthy margin, the question is by how much, the other question we're going to need to answer and we won't know until after election. is the president's supporters going to show up to vote? they could be boosting him in nevada, but the other thing going on in nevada on the ground, which is unlike all of the other battleground states is the democrats have managed to --
4:32 pm
the romney campaign and the government of the i'm in -- make up for the state party's dysfunction. the democrat had no such problem. the obama campaign and the state party run by senate majority leader harry reid is humming on all cylinders, they're doing a great job. i still think the presidential race in nevada would be close. >> we know tomorrow foreign policy is supposed to be the focus of this debate. and president obama will probably do well with that, that is traditionally your president. but i'm wondering here, what can mitt romney do, and is there a way that the foreign policy could actually come back and hurt the president? >> there are a couple of things here, the first thing to understand is that we're not in a national security election, we're in an election where people are focused on jobs and the economy. and usually when that's the case, what voters want to see from the challenger is the sense that you can provide the leader
4:33 pm
ship and vision and strength abroad that make people feel comfortable that you're up to the task. why that is that americas understand that you can't be commander in chief until you're elected. bill clinton, a somewhat unknown governor of a very small state was running against a foreign policy juggernaut, he said this guy looks like a leader, he looks like he will know what he's doing, therefore we will elect him commander in chief. my point is i think romney's task, he cannot out in a sense do the president on foreign policy, in terms of a record, but what he can do is point to some recent flaws as he sees it as a record in the middle east. he can point to the libyan issue that he will probably say as the president's failed policy in the middle east and then just point to the leadership aspect and if
4:34 pm
he does that as sort of an inherent cohesion of his policy, that's enough to gain the vote. >> we're going to be watching this debate tomorrow night and i think it will be the third time. so the final go around, get a measure. thanks very much. as >> you can see the final presidential debate live and our coverage will begin at 7:00 p.m. eastern time. we're just looking at a live image that's coming to us from wisconsin. there is a press conference to happen.
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. >> we have just received this information after a mass shooting in milwaukee. three people were killed. the search is ongoing, the suspect's vehicle has been recovered. the suspect himself has not. this began about 11:09 local time this morning. we want to listen to the chief of police. this was recorded earlier. >> the city of brook field police department, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims of this crime. right now, i'll give you an overview of what took place.
4:39 pm
at approximately 11:09 this morning, received a call of a shooting in progress at a salon, 200 north moreland road in the city of brookfield. we are told a male suspect was involved. that male suspect has been identified. you all have pictures of mr. radcliffe franklin haughton. date of birth 12/17/66. he is a male, black, 6'1", 270 pounds. the time of the shooting, the suspect was wearing a gray sweater, blue jeans and had a white and black backpack with him. the vehicle that we were looking for has been located. we are no longer looking for the black mazda protoge.
4:40 pm
this situation is fluid and ongoing. our initial attention was reaching, locating and treating the visibilityctims. that has taken place. we have a total of seven victims, four were transferred. [ inaudible ] >> the investigation is ongoing. we have a number of scenes being worked on as we speak, not only the salon, but the suspect's residence in brown deer and others. our entire operation now is focused on locating the suspect. i will tell you that we are
4:41 pm
currently still searching a portion of the salon. we have a number of s.w.a.t. teams that are going that right now. there's a portion of the salon that has not been cleared and we are in the process of doing that right now. i can also tell you that in the process of clearing that building, we believe we have identified what is being described as an improvised explosive device, which is also hampering our clearing of that building. milwaukee, i believe the city of milwaukee bomb squad is here and is assisting us in that endeavor. i have no other information for you at this time. i am not going to take any questions as this is a continuing, fluid, ongoing investigation. i want to make sure the information i give you is accurate and complete and i'm not up here guessing for you. so, again, thank you for your indulgence, if we have anything
4:42 pm
else earth shattering for you, we will let you know that, otherwise we will see you at 6:00 this evening at the public safety building. >> this is daniel tushouse. he says that as far as they know, they have three people that are dead. that is a new figure. and they are continuing to search the scene where the shooting took place and also they have come across what the authorities think is an improvised explosive device. the shooter remains on the loose and the police have surrounded what they believe is the suspect's home. we'll keep you updated. jack, you're a little boring.
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with odor free aspercreme. powerful medicine relieves pain fast, with no odor. so all you notice is relief. aspercreme. you have heard this before, a law enforcement officer gains the control of a terrorist and then makes a bust. some believe that these terrorists would never have done anything had they not been befriended by the police officer h. >> breaking news, the fbi says it's foiled a plot. >> the man did not know he was being tracked by an fbi sting. >> the suspect faces charges of attempting to use a weapons of mass destruction. >> an allegationed plot to set
4:46 pm
off a car bomb, the accused, a manage in bangladesh who brought in -- on his own, could the student have pulled off his alleged scheme to, quote, destroy america? the justice department stands by its use of an informant charging that he claimed al qaeda connections and actively sought recruits. ron gooby questions informants in this investigation and others. >> prosecutors would say we're not building the bomb, they're going out there and buying the ingredients, they're the ones that are taking the active roll in this? >> but that's not true, these people for the most part lack any capacity to carry on to craft these evil things they want to do. they have absolutely no ability
4:47 pm
to do it, sometimes they're dramatically sub normal intelligence. >> there's an ongoing debate over how informants have used. in 2006, the liberty 7 were secretly recorded by the fbi mainly homeless men in miami with a fbi agent. after the first of two mistrials, a jury foreman said this. >> i don't think any of us on the jury really felt that these guys were really that dangerous, or really, quote terrorists. >> reporter: but after a third trial, five of the men were convicted. last year in another controversial case involving this man, the fbi dropped its investigation because according to sources, there were questions about possible entrapment involving an informant. but new york city authorities say the case is solid and are prosecuti prosecuting an alleged al qaeda
4:48 pm
sympathizer accused of trying to set off pipe bombs. here's a mock up of how powerful these bombs could have been. just the prospect of them could be enough to convince juries. >> juries are just not buying the idea that these guys are getting entrappeded. >> i don't know disagree with the that is correct that this person should be removed from the street. >> reporter: i sense there's a but coming in. >> the but is that we want law enforcement when law enforcement gets involved to diffuse these things rather than to encourage people to act out their angriest moments. >> reporter: going under cover, using agents to see who's actually capable of carrying out
4:49 pm
an attack can have life changing consequences.
4:50 pm
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4:52 pm
most of us are very familiar with the story of president john f. kennedy and his family. the story of jfk's brother robert and his wife ethyl probably not so familiar. th rocket fre. >> i felt like through this documentary, it's the first time i met your mom, i love her, i fell in love with her, and i love that the picture of your mom and dad show how happy they were together. >> the children were always included in everything we did. i think it probably made them more interesting. >> any occasion that there was to have a party, there would be a party. >> she had every single member
4:53 pm
of president kennedy's cabinet knocked into the swimming pool. >> were you parents just fond of chaos? with 19 dogs, a horse and a seal? >> my mom has a penchant for chaos. even though she's very comfortable with chaos, she also had a lot of structure in her life, we had dinner at 7:00, there were lots of rules that she kept solid. she's got a lot of wonderful contradictions about her. >> and it was wonderful and inspiring to hear from your sibling that daddy and mommy made sure that the kids were involved in everything. it wasn't by chance that would happen, but it really was deliberate, it was by design and even the letters from your dad to some of your siblings about why they were being exposed to
4:54 pm
certain things was just so inspiring. >> there's some wonderful moments in the film, i think, where you really show and see how integrated the children are in my mother and father's life and whether it's on the campaign trail or there's been wonderful scene in the movie where during the civil rights movement and the integration of the university of alabama and my sister carrie is talking to my father, or is in his office and gets on the phone with nick katzenbach in the middle of this crisis. you can see how integrated the children are in my parents' lives. one of the issues which is that my father was so busy during that time, there was so much going on, my mother was too, that they didn't want to choose between leaving the kids home, doing the work that they were doing and they had so many children because they loved children, right? so i think they wanted to bring them along, it was more fun for
4:55 pm
everybody and i think the kids really enjoyed being with the parents so it was a nice thing all around. >> and even though there was some arm twisting to get your mom to acquiesce to this film, she's still pretty sad about your dad's death in 1968. how difficult was that to broach the subject with her? was her response what you expected or were you hoping she was would open up? >> honestly, it was one of the major reasons why i didn't want to do this film because i know how hard it is for my mother to talk about some of these very sad moments in her life and the losses that she's experienced as well as my brothers and sisters and i knew i would have to ask those questions if i was going to do this film. i don't think we're a particularly oversharing family and group and it's not really in my comfort zone or i think my mother's or my siblings frankly.
4:56 pm
so it was hard for me to ask those questions and you know, my mother responds, let's move on and talk about something else, yes, but i think her facial expression, how she says it speaks a million words just in those few and is very revealing in terms of how she has managed to deal with such hardship and pain and loss through her life. which is, you know, let's move on. >> one can only imagine. rory told fredericka one reason she was able to make this film is that there were 16,000 photos in her home. and in oregon, a happy homecoming. army sergeant melanie web surprised her daughter during a school assembly. the third grader had no idea her
4:57 pm
mom was home from afghanistan. it was webb's fourth tour of duty in eight years. >> the military gets so much praise but we forget to praise the families. i'm just glad to be home. and i just pray for the families and the troops are still over there. >> web's husband also in the army and still deployed. the family stays? touch by e-mail and skype. it was a massive art heist, seven paintings worth millions all swiped at once and it was all caught on camera. ♪
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